October 10, 2018

Zipp 202 NSW disc review

(Original review from www.bikeradar.com)

Zipp’s 202 is the US company’s long-standing lightweight option. It may have fewer aero benefits than the 303 or 404, but its low weight makes it the first choice for plenty of riders when it comes to climb-heavy riding. This latest addition to the NSW (Nest Speed Works, Nest being the company’s test facility) range takes ideas from Zipp’s development labs and applies them to the 32mm-deep rim.

Zipp 202 NSW disc features

It gains the sawtooth pattern dimples on the rim surface, first seen on the radical 454s, and the minimal graphics are directly printed so there are no clumsy stickers to affect the aero surface.

The real work has been done under the skin. On trend, the 202 has broadened, with a wide 21mm internal dimension and a max outside width of 28.9mm. The rim was developed to be at its best aerodynamically when matched with a 28mm tyre, so that’s what I did using Zipp’s own Tangente Speed RT28, measuring up at 29.7mm once fitted.


Tyre fitting has been revamped with the 202 NSW now being tubeless compatible. I was impressed with the ease of the tubeless setup, being a lot easier than plenty of its rivals.

The 202 Firecrest disc wheels weighed over 1500g a pair, and Zipp claims the NSW’s weight to be 1475g. So, I was surprised that our test set, with rim tape and tubeless valves in place, weighed 1460g for the pair (780.4g rear, 679.7g front). It’s a small weight saving for a big jump in price.

Zipp 202 NSW disc ride experience

On the road the 202s are spectacular, the stiffness is impressive and the way they shape the tyres adds a layer of cushioning and comfort to your ride, plus being tubeless you can run lower pressures over rougher roads.

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