What kind of jobs are available after a Masters in Finance?

Skyscrapers of financial downtown at day time, Washington, USA

It’s often the little things that make the difference when applying for a job. This is also the case here. Anyone who decides to do a Master in Finance will already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a top university. However, what is often missing from these top-notch educations is in-depth knowledge of asset pricing, financial markets and corporate finance. You can build on your existing knowledge of economics, accounting and mathematical concepts. The best masters in finance programs will help you achieve this goal.

What careers are available with a Master’s in Finance?

The best opportunities and highest salaries are, of course, in banking, with major banks offering several options. The longer an employee stays with a company, the more valuable they are to other companies. However, it is also important to gain additional practical experience. Stock trading is and remains a risky business. This makes it all the more important to have well-trained finance professionals. The best Master’s degrees in finance can lead to a position in the trading room of a major bank, or even to the position of Head of Structured Products. Derivatives trading is another attractive option. Most graduates of these courses go into business for themselves after a few years in a consulting firm. After further years in the international professional world of finance, many finance professionals are attracted to teaching at prestigious universities, with Paris, London, Hong Kong and Singapore being clear favourites. Hong Kong has lost some of its appeal since the handover.

Management careers through the ages

In the past, highly skilled employees stayed with the same company for up to 20 years or until retirement. Today, this is the exception rather than the rule. As a rule, highly skilled employees, such as finance professionals, stay with the same company for two to five years. A few years ago, purely academic training was favoured, but now the combination of high-quality training and practical experience is back in fashion. There are skills that cannot be taught in a basic education at any university in the world. These include dealing with customers and employees, and responding quickly to changes in markets, products and companies. The last three years in particular have shown that we can no longer expect just one international event, but many at the same time. The best masterĀ  in finance programs prepare students for this.

What are the advantages of these programmes?

For a top international career, it is important not only to be good at what you do, but to be the best. These high quality programmes provide the necessary qualifications. The best positions not only offer higher salaries, but also often come with a lot of travel, a change of residence and a new circle of friends, as well as other future opportunities. However, it should also be remembered that these jobs are also personally demanding. It is usually up to the employee to find a good work/life balance. However, the higher the position, the more often additional benefits are offered.

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