The most important bike tours in Europe should be known

The bike tours in Europe have the advantage that everyone moves quickly and enjoys the landscape. Many routes can be absolutely profitable and the map of Europe for cyclists is a puzzle. If the first parts have been assembled, the rest should also be done. The net is nowhere in the world so dense and there is nowhere else so much variety. A journey is always well possible, whether by ferry, bus or train.


What is to be considered for cycling tours in Europe?

Bicycle tours are becoming more and more popular with holidaymakers in Europe and this is not surprising. More and more people would like to exercise and there is also a better insight into the environment and nature. It is always a cost-effective and environmentally friendly holiday by bicycle. The state governments and the EU are also planning more and more cycle lanes and many older cycle paths are being renewed. One of the most popular and well-known bike tours in Europe is the Danube Cycle Path and it is also particularly suitable for beginners. The route is accompanied by the railway and some parts of the route can also be covered by train. Between Vienna and Passau is the most famous section and also for families the cycle path can be absolutely recommended.

Important information for cycling tours in Europe

Hundreds of kilometres of cycle path are available in Denmark and the island of Malaga is particularly popular, as there are spectacular chalk cliffs and white sandy beaches. The bike paths give a great impression of Denmark and of course Europe has much more to offer. During bicycle tours in Europe, Brandenburg is also heard again and again. The cultural history of Germany is getting to know and there is a beautiful nature. The tour is a real feast for the eyes, because there are nature reserves, parks, castles and medieval castles. Bicycle tours in Europe are cycling through many places, or at least bypassing. The Netherlands is also known for the fact that the bicycles are very popular here. The country is therefore suitable for the holiday tour on the bike and through the Bollenstreek it can be perhaps the most beautiful route. Especially in the heyday there are many tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. The C2C cycle path across England is also a must on the C2C bike path. It is one of the most famous cycling routes in the UK and although some sections of the route are challenging, there are great views as a reward. In Italy, the Dolomite cycle path is a good place. The route runs along an old railway track and after stamina and training are needed for the route, the route is less suitable for children.