The perfect method for cleaning your car

Every once in a while your car gets dirty. That is absolutely normal concidering you are driving a lot with your car. But it does not look good if your car has some dirt on it. Most car owners are cleaning their car regulary. This is a process that takes some time, but with the right cleaning method, dirt will no longer be a problem.

If machines, vehicles or other gadgets need to cleaned the blasting process is a ideal solution

A freshly cleaned car

A method that you should concider using is dry ice blasting from WHITE LION Dry Ice & Laser Cleaning Technology GmbH . With using this process you can easily clean your car as well as machines or gadgets as well. The absolute advantage of this method is that you only need this ice to clean the car. Usually one has to use diffrent kinds of cleaning equipment because every part of the car consits of diffrent materials. But the blasting process removes all the dirt on the car without damaging any materials.