What is contract packaging?

Contract packaging is contract pakers and these are subcontractors who package goods from mere raw material importers or actual manufacturers as trademarks or under their brand names. In addition, the goods are packaged or repackaged into main products. There are other names such as Copacker, Co-Packer or Contract Packer. Contract packers are referred to as bottlers in the beverage industry. There are also the names pay-payers or contract fillers.

Contract Packaging

Drinks are often packaged by subcontractors

What should Be considered for contract packaging?

Co-packing is generally one of the logistics services. There are the external special structures and the high-efficiency packaging systems are used by the manufacturing companies if keeping company-owned structures would be more costly or less efficient. In many areas of industry, outsourcing is now widespread and particularly far-sighted in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food, for example. Contract Packaging has different mixed forms and variants. Copacking is often carried out by brand manufacturers for others, so that their own packaging capacities are utilized and thus can be maintained. There are also companies that were previously present on the market as brand manufacturers and for economic reasons they often specialise as contract packers for the others. These manufacturers are often no longer represented on the market with their own branded products. In addition, there are the newly founded and specialized contract packers, which reached new packaging capacities and before that they served the own production of their own products.

Important information for Contract Packaging

In some cases, the packaging materials are provided by the client and the contract packer also partly overstates the procurement of materials. In some cases, the downstream or upstream services are also taken over by the contractor and this includes picking and packaging. A transition to the contract manufacturer is then fluid. There are thus the companies that supply all the raw components from the products to the contract packers and there everything is put together before an actual packaging process. In the end, the actual finished goods are created. In some areas, contractpackers are organised in franchising systems, such as beverage filling for Coca Cola. The copackers or contract packers are therefore simply companies that package the products for the customers. For many products, labelling and packaging services are used for industry, household, pharmaceuticals or food. Contract packaging is usually about the fact that contract packers have special expertise and equipment that are needed for the packaging process. In contract packaging, the contract packer bears the cost of the machine’s capital and the personnel costs from the employees. Manufacturers then focus on their core competencies and the packaging is outsourced to the contract packers. In contract packaging, contract packers are often more flexible than large companies, and much-needed productions can also be planned.