Stone veneer – Many creative areas of application


While not only half-timbered buildings dominate, especially in medieval old towns, but also stone facades, the interior walls of most buildings in Germany today are rather modern for structural reasons. Only a few natural stone walls still exist, but they are then supported to the right and left by massive stone walls. In this case, it cannot always be said that in front of this wall stood one or the other historical personality of medieval history. But if you want to have it quaint in your own four walls – whether bought or rented – you can opt for a stone veneer for your inner wall.

This is particularly good in the bathroom or in the living room in combination with a fireplace. Thanks to these veneers, it is possible to create true oases of well-being. These are real stone veneers, which are available in different designs. And even for outdoor use, for example on the house wall, which is protected by a terrace canopy or a balcony above, this wall cladding is very suitable. These are thin slate decors that can transform your own home, but also your office.

Real stone veneers also suitable for wet areas

Stone veneer is also suitable for wet areas. This means that these are also used in the bathroom, on the guest toilet and in the kitchen on the back wall behind the stove and the sink. And – as already mentioned – also in the outdoor area, where the veneer is somewhat protected, this can create a pleasant atmosphere. If then in front of the stone veneer in the bathroom – in the form of the shower or bathtub or faucet faucet, in the kitchen – in the form of the faucet or the sound of the dishwasher or on the terrace or on the balcony – here in the form of a fountain – the sound of water can be heard, then the veneer has a special meaning as far as the atmosphere in a house or apartment is concerned.

The fact that this wall cladding is also suitable for wet areas naturally distinguishes the veneer as very high-quality. You can also line the area of the shower with this veneer – so behind the shower curtain or – if the house is more modern anyway – behind the shower cabin made of acrylic glass.

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Designs and care

The choice of designs for the veneers is very large. A basic distinction is made in the designs between flex stone, nano stone and translucent stone. The flex stone version has a flat and curved surface. The veneer sheets are of different sizes. Nano-Sten is suitable for flat and curved surfaces and is quite thin. Translucent stone is also suitable for flat and curved surfaces and, like the other types of veneer, is available in various thicknesses. A comparison of designs and price among the different providers is worthwhile. What the designs have in common is that they are easy to maintain. A damp cloth is enough.

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